Top 15 Thanksgiving Gift & Holiday Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving or any holiday is a great time to spend quality time with friends and families and also a great time to surprise someone with a gift as a token of appreciation, affection or love. From simple to specialized gifts, this thanksgiving gift someone something amazing from the Top 15 Thanksgiving gift ideas below, so that you never have to worry about what to gift on Thanksgiving.

Save Earth: 10 Things must be Done To Save the Earth

We are dangerously close to tipping off. It’s high time we put our best effort to save this planet & pray that we do not cross the tipping point. Instead of just commenting #prayforamazon in social media, let’s all make a bit of effort to help save our planet making it more livable from the destruction. Small things can have a big impact if we all joining hands. Please read below points on how you can do your bit to save this beautiful planet. & ecosystem.

Payesh Recipe | Classic Bengali Rice Pudding Recipe | Easy Dessert Recipe

Payesh is a quintessential Bengali sweet dish that is prepared in every Bengali household for any special occasion. The classic old Bengali recipe talks about a simple sweet tale of rice, milk, nuts, and sugar combined to create a flavorful dessert that brings a smile on everyone’s face. Here is a step by step recipe for my mom’s quintessential classic Bengali Payesh (Bengali Rice Pudding) which is similar to Kheer recipe-