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Save Earth: 10 Things must be Done To Save the Earth

Do you know the Amazon Rainforest is known as the “Lungs of the planet” & also a major carbon sink of this Earth? The Amazon Rainforest, a beautiful landscape & masterpiece of nature is very much critical for climate change & ecosystem. It is horrifying that this Oxygen bank producing almost over 20% of the world’s oxygen is burning for over 17 days now. Media did not even cover the news until some locales started posting it on social media.

This will have havoc impact on climate change. Already, this world is suffering from so much impact of climate change. In India, there are cases of places with insufficient rain & incessant rain, the coral reefs of Australia are dying, the Arctic is on fire, the Maldives is sinking, and the Antarctic is melting at an alarming rate.

Do you know?

The Canary Islands is burning, California is burning, Oregon is burning, Washington is burning, Columbia is burning,  Alberta is burning, Montana is burning, New Scotland is burning, Greece is burning, Brazil is burning, Portugal is burning, Algeria is burning, Siberia is burning, Texas is under the water, India, Pakistan, and Nepal with massive monsoons are under the water, Sierra Leone and Nigeria with massive flooding underwater, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia are attacked by an impressive heatwave. Southern California under an infernal heatwave. Usually, in August, the city of San Francisco reached records of 106 degrees, when it now reaches 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The Yellowstone Volcano Records 2,300 movements since June, Earthquake of 5.3 hits Idaho, Japan Earthquake 6.1 with TSUNAMI ALERT, Mexico earthquake of 8.2 with TSUNAMI ALERT, Earthquake in Chile of 5.0, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma (the greatest ever recorded history), Jose and Katia are sweeping the Atlantic. To finish a solar flare level x10 C.M.E. The highest ever recorded.

Save Earth before its too late

Do you still think nothing is happening?

We are dangerously close to tipping off. It’s high time we put our best effort to save this planet & pray that we do not cross the tipping point. Instead of just commenting #prayforamazon in social media, let’s all make a bit of effort to help save our planet making it more livable from the destruction. Small things can have a big impact if we all joining hands. Please read below points on how you can do your bit to save this beautiful planet. & ecosystem.

1. Make a pledge to plant at least one tree every year. It may seem less, but if every human planted at least one plant a year that would sum up in big scale in coming years.

2. Always carry your own drinking water in a reusable water bottle, thus avoiding plastic packaged drinking water from outside, saving both your money & environment.

3. Do not harm trees & plants.

4. Switch off lights & electrical equipment when not in use. If every human saves at least some power or electricity, this will sum up on a big scale.

5. Do not waste food & drinking water as food & water resources are limited.

6. Take carpool whenever possible as this will help reduce carbon emission. Also, if the weather is good and you have 1-2 Kms to go, try walking. Good for the earth as well as for your health & fitness.

7.  Avoid using plastic, if using, try re-using the plastic whenever possible.

8. Throw trash in designated trash cans thus helping in proper elimination of waste instead of throwing and scattering all over which can harm marine life.

9. Bring your own bags for shopping thus reducing the use of plastic bags and eventually helping the ecosystem.

10. Last but not least, educate others about saving this planet & inform & help them on how they can do their bit in saving our lives.


These simple everyday things can change & help us restore this ecosystem not in a year but maybe in 10 years. But at least our efforts will be fruitful someday.

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