• Easy Cinnamon Honey Ginger Tea Recipe

    22nd Mar 2020 by

    Hello my lovely readers, in this quarantine & self isolation days I thought of a quick simple recipe for everyone of you. Who likes a detox tea for a fresh start of the day? Or for an afternoon quick sip? Or just for refreshment after a hectic tiring work day? I love detox teas so much. These simple brews are quick and easy to make and also has medicinal and healing properties according to the ingredients we put in it.


    About Coronavirus COVID-19 , Precautions & Myths

    15th Mar 2020 by

    COVID-19 caused by coronavirus is now a pandemic (occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population).Although, I did not wanted to start my blog post with such a sad topic, but wanted to share some information, bust some myths & tried to provide a safety measure for the… Read more

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